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Suspension and Steering Systems

Car Suspension System in Calgary

The primary function of your car suspension system is to allow the wheels to move independently of the car, while keeping it “suspended” stable and keep the tires in full contact with the road. At Auto House Repair, we understand the problems very well, and deal them accordingly with complete care and dedication. Any play or uncontrolled motion in these systems results in a deterioration of handling and accelerated tire wear. Vehicle alignment is closely tied to the condition of the suspension and steering systems.

The main reason the cars` owners apply to an auto service is for car suspension repairs. It is a fact the car’s suspension experiences great physical and mechanical stress, while driving. The bad roads and improper car operation leads to a quick failure of the suspension parts.

Steering Systems

Worn or loose components affect the ability to control the toe angle and may result in a loss of directional stability and accelerated tire wear. The main components of a Conventional system are:

  • Steering Gear Box
  • Center Link
  • Pitman Arm
  • Idler Arm
  • Tie Rods

The main components of a Rack and Pinion steering system are:

  • Rack and Pinion Assembly
  • Bellows Boots
  • Tie Rods

Suspension System

Worn or loose components affect the suspension systems ability to control motion and alignment angles, resulting in a deterioration of vehicle handling and stability, and accelerated tire wear.  Today’s vehicle is equipped with many computerized control systems such as anti-roll, traction control, and yaw correction., here at Auto House Repair Centre our technicians are well versed in the replacement, maintenance and programing of these critical systems. Some of the suspension components requiring maintenance are:

  • Control Arms
  • Ball Joints
  • Springs, (Coil, Leaf or air ride)
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Struts

Is it safe driving a car with bad suspension?

Driving with a bad suspension is likely more dangerous than driving with a suspension in good shape. The suspension contributes to your vehicle’s road traction and resistance to centrifugal force when turning and braking. Depending on the suspension problem, you could face increased risk of rolling over, or find yourself unable to stop as quickly as you expect in an emergency.

It is important to consult your vehicle’s problems with a professional at Auto House Repair especially when you are concerned with your car suspension system. We are specialists in this domain and can handle or fix the issues right from the core, to keep you safe when driving and also this will help you to save costs in the long run.